Sunday, November 7, 2010

Just some pics!

Zack's FAVORITE boots! He wears them everywhere.

Zack was playing with my earrings!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The latest and greatest!

Zack is constantly doing new things I can't even keep track anymore! So here's a condensed version... and not such a great one at that!!
Zack's last weigh in, he weighed 21 pounds. Not on the charts yet, but we are gradually making progess on getting closer and closer. Height... he made it to the 1% on the chart! YAY!!! I'm not sure how tall he was, but hey, we made it on a chart by the age of 2, so who cares about that right now?!

In other updates, Zack is really taking off on the whole talking thing. He is really jumping into the two to three words together at one time now, so it makes for some fun times, as well as listening very closely to understand what he's asking/talking about.
Some of his favorites right now are: diggers/construction trucks, trains, watching "Mo-gee" (The Jungle Book) and "Max" (A Goofy Movie), singing "Lover, Lover", playing in the dirt/rocks, and plenty more...
He is seriously getting to be such a fun little guy. I'm sure I have said that so many times, but it really does get more fun all the time!
He was showing us his teeth while eating his donut!

Ready for church!

He LOVES corn on the cob!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Zack!

On June 25th we had a Toy Story birthday party for Zack. He has loved Woody and Buzz lately! We had a pizza party (We pretended it was Pizza Planet!), went swimming, and had the cake and ice cream. Lots of fun... and Zack came through for us by even throwing up (as usual).

Then on July 1st, he turned 2 years old! Seriously?! Anyway, we gave him a few presents and he was in heaven!! It was even garbage day, which he loves too (Every Thursday morning he hears it coming and he has me open the back door so he can sit and watch it go down the driveway area.).
Later that night when Jared got home from work, we took him to Chuck E. Cheese for dinner/games. OK, we could have skipped everything else and just have done this and he would have never been happier! To say he loved it is an understatement. It was SO worth the $20 to eat pizza and play games/rides.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What a guy!

Zack's latest little things are pretty funny, especially to him. Such as, whenever he sticks his finger in his nose, we say "Don't pick your nose!" To which he laughs and either puts his finger back in, or pulls it out only to stick it right back!

Also, I have been trying to teach him what time-out means if he's doing something he shouldn't, and yesterday I was telling him not to get into something and said, "Don't do that unless you want to go to time-out" and he looked at me and walked right to time-out and sat down... smiling of course!! He thought he was being so good!

Finally, his other thing that he thinks is a game, is that he likes to stick his hand down his pants. Everyone says it's just a boy thing, but seriously, how do you get this to stop?! Today, for instance, he had a messy diaper and when I went to change him (Luckily I had taken his pj's off not too long before, so he was just in his diaper!), I looked at him and thought he had blown out a little... oh no! He had stuck his hands in his diaper and gotten poop all over his back and FACE! Yep, how much do you want to bet he tried it too?? Ugh... I didn't think it was appropriate to take a picture of this one!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Another crazy month!

What a mess! Zack has been having so many random things going on this past month I almost don't know where to start. First, we decided to start working on his sleeping schedule/habits. We had this tackled and beat it a while ago, but with all the ear infections (and a few others) last year, the sleeping habits were out of wack!! So, it only took about a day to get Zack to cry it out in his crib to realize he could just lay down and go to sleep. So YAY for all of us on this now, because he is sleeping so much better now!

He fell asleep playing with his toys!

However, the downside to the month has been that he has been throwing up almost every day... and most days more than once per day. We have been to three doctors (One of which told me he was just doing it to get attention... um, no thanks! Do you just throw up to get attention? Yeah, only if I am bulimic!), and finally on the third doctor, he explained things so we understood and felt comfortable with what we needed to try. We are 'treating' him with acid reflux meds to start with and see if that "fixes" everything, and we also had a blood test to see if he has Celiac... Anyway, we're hoping for the easiest route here so he doesn't keep throwing up everyday!
In the meantime, he hasn't been gaining weight (shocker!), so we're adding more calories to his milk to help with that. He weighs 18 pounds 9 ounces... and when both of his cousins weigh more than he does (They are age 11 months and 8 months... Zack is 20 months!), then we need to show up!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

19 months old

Zack is now over a year and a half old! Who would have thought this time would go by so fast?? Definitely not me! We went in for his usual check-up last week and here is where he stands:

WEIGHT - 18 pounds 8 ounces (not even close to getting on the charts yet)
HEIGHT - 29 3/4 inches (almost on the charts!)

The dr. said he needs to start gaining weight faster (obviously!) so we are now adding the Carnation instant breakfast to his milk for added calories. But other than that, Zack seems to be right on track with his development.
Zack is getting to be more fun everyday. He is literally running around the house now. If he wants something, he yells "Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!" until I understand what he wants. He'll even call Jared "Mommy" now :> He is also becoming quite the little helper around the house too! I think his favorites are throwing things in the garbage (better be careful on this one!) and doing laundry.
He also went to nursery for the first time yesterday! Although Jared took him to the older nursery, he still seemed to do just fine. We hope he will love it next week when he's with kids his own age. Yay for Zack this month!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Much better!

What a difference those tubes have made for Zack!! He ended up having an ear infection right after the surgery (which we thought the drainage was normal since the dr. said there would be some). So we gave him some ear drops, which we think was making him throw up everyday, and that seemed to clear it right up. However, we were beginning to wonder if the tubes were a waste because we didn't see the difference in Zack like we were told.
Anyway now that some time has passed, he seems SO much happier now than ever! He acts silly all the time (OK, not all the time)! He likes to give hugs, he is trying to talk more (which there isn't much of anything we understand), he is starting to point to his eyes/nose/etc. when we ask where they are, he has about 6 teeth now, and the latest is when I ask him what a cow says, he goes "mmmm". I'll take it!!
Zack turned 18 months old on New Year's day. We visit the dr. at the end of this month for his weight/height update. So we'll see if the tubes made a difference in his weight gain. Previous to the tubes, he hadn't gained weight in 3 months. So we'll hope for the best on that!